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Our involvement with Bear Country Cottages began after we stayed at their beautiful resort, once we met their friendly owners and spent a fantastic weekend there we had to wonder why their current website didn’t match the great experience they offered. The issue is the same that many companies have, they get a website and then despite issues with it they do not have the time to invest to make it better, or do not know if they will get something better once they do invest the time.

We proposed a few ideas of what we could do to take what they had and turn their website into something that will not only help them stand out from the crowded cottage resort market but make an impression to those who visit their website that will translate into bookings and revenue.

The old website was a tired beige color that was contained a mountain of information so when we began we took a less is more approach. We produced a clean white and green design with great photos provided by the owners of the resort, placing a great display font; Alex Brush on them to create a magazine-like feel and using Montserrat on the main body of the page to be bold and readable. All together, we came up with a design to convey inspiration, enchantment and relaxation.

For the cottage pages, we came up with a practical way to sort all the information they wanted to convey into something easily digestible and practical for all screen sizes. Using a large bold capital title to separate the sections with photos explained by a small caption and a splash of animation to add some activity helps people seeking a place to relax any time of year a clear view of the great time they could have at Bear Country Cottages. Finally, we enabled the site to use our Catalyst Content Management System so that they could update their website easily on their own and use their new investment to its full potential.


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Ryan and RadialNotion came along just in time for Bear Country Cottages. Our old outdated website had outlived its uselfulness and we were trying very hard to find a reliable, trustworthy company to build us a new site that wouldn't break the bank. Working with Ryan was so easy and he was so patient and willing to accommodate my lack of knowledge in this area. He was quick to make valuable suggestions as to what would work to best represent our company online. The result was a website that works! Our business has improved measurably since launching our new site. Thank you Ryan for finally providing us with a website we can be proud of and for doing so in the timeline that you originally committed to. I'd highly recommend Ryan and RadialNotion to anyone looking for a new website that is sure to generate positive results.

Rita Cain

Owner - Bear Country Cottages

Bear Country Cottages

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