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The Northern Learning & Support Centre approached us with a couple of goals; create a website that was easy to use and looked professional, and give them a tool to organize their events and their resource lending.

For the website, we wanted to convey professionalism, caring and efficiency. We did this by pairing a classic navy blue with a clean white and the versatile and readable font Sani Trixie Sans. This bold contrasting color scheme showed the professionalism and efficiency and to soften their site we added a playful banner image of children playing to display what the NLSC is all about.

With a strong base, we needed a face for the NLSC that would continue to convey their core values. This came in the recreation of their logo. Previously just some basic text with an image of the northern lights we wanted to continue to spirit of who they are but give them a fresh perspective.

We decided to use the font Anke Regular, with its simple but playful changes to a standard sans serif font it added enough personality to make the logo stand out. In place of an image, we chose a smooth gradient filled shape to illustrate their pride for the beautiful place they live and serve.

With the Northern Learning & Support Centre looking great, it was time to improve their ability to service their community. We built a scheduling system to allow them to hold events and to allow others to register their space, with e-mail notifications to both staff and attendees everyone is in the loop. The NLSC provides a number of different item to needing families and we gave them a foolproof way to keep track of them, with due dates, reminders and records. Not only did it give them better visibility of their inventory, but made looking after it a breeze. We integrated both of these tools into our Catalyst content management system, giving them one spot to look after their website and the services it provides and let them do it with ease.


  • Logo
  • Website
  • Catalyst Content Management System
  • Event Scheduling System
  • Equipment Lending & Tracking System
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Radial Notion saved the day when I was tasked with creating a web-site. Our new site is simple yet classy and it is easy to navigate. The staff at Radial Notion worked with me during all stages of development. They even created a new logo for me…Love everything! Thanks to Ryan & Radial Notion for providing exceptional service!

Tania Catalano

NLSC Resource Facilitator - Northern Learning & Support Centre

Northern Learning & Support Centre

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